Dance patron: Jaime Arôxa

For the first time we have the honour to call Jaime Arôxa the dance patron!

We are happy to welcome him in Berlin at the festivals 8th edition.

Music patron: Geraldinho Lins

Since 2015 we have the honour to call Geraldinho Lins the music patron!

The famous artist from Brazil visited Berlin for the first time in March 2014 to give a show at Dança Frevo -many shows followed and a great friendship has emerged.

Geraldinho Lins: “For me the Psiu! Forró Festival is one of the most important forró and Brazilian music festivals in the world. It is organized with many criteria, with a lot of affection, by people who understand culture, who live culture, who are born within the culture….Certainly one of the most organized festivals….So I am very grateful to be back to the festival so that I can share the moments so important to Brazilian culture….Being invited to be a sponsor for another year is a source of great pride and joy in my 30-year career.”


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Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin