Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to the "8. PSIU! Forró Festival Berlin" and shall be noted from each participant.


The festival is organized by Dança Frevo Kulturevents (Anja da Silva & Carlos da Silva GbR).


The order

The order by the registration form is obligatory. By submitting, you state that you fully agree with the content below.



All orders must be paid within 7 days from registration. It's possible to pay by bank transfer or via PayPal (additional PayPal fee).


Account holder: A. da Silva + C. da Silva GbR

IBAN: DE39 1004 0000 0577 2207 00


Bank: Commerzbank Berlin


Personalized tickets

The tickets are personalized and thus allow only the person the entrance who has registered and can identify himself as such when picking up his festival bracelet.


Cancellation or replacement

1. A transfer of the ticket to another person is not permitted.

a) Except for single concert tickets or the concert pass. For a fee of 10 EUR you are able to change the name of the ticket.


2. In case of cancellation:

a) In case of cancellation longer than 1 month before the event starts (30.12.2019), you will be charged 10% of the registration price (but at least 10 EUR) as cancellation fee.

b) In case of cancellation within 1 month of the event but longer than 10 days before the event (19.01.2020) you will be charged 20% of the registration price as cancellation fee.

c) In case of cancellation within 10 days before the event, after the 19.01.2020, you will be charged 50% of the registration price as cancellation fee.


3. Cancellation needs to be done in writing by e-mail (psiuforrofestival@gmail.com) to the organizers. The date of cancellation is determined by the date of the e-mail.



The organization reserves the right to change the cast, program or location. Changes will be communicated on the website and on the event’s facebook site.


Cancellation of event

In the case that the event “PSIU! Forró Festival“ will be cancelled by the organizers due to circumstances beyond their control, all tickets can be fully refunded up until 3 months after the planned event.


Drinks, food and more

No bottles, cans, food or alcohol may be taken into the venue, except for water (no glass bottles) at workshop time.


Privacy Policy

The customer acknowledges that the data electronically published by him will be processed by us for the purpose of the contract. Only if he applied for the newsletter, the customer will receive e-mails according to the newsletter he applied for. The customer can recall the agreement for information mails at any time.


Photos and Videos

By attending the festival, you consent to being included in the documentation of the festival (image, video and audio). Each participant gives all rights regarding one’s own image to the organization. This means that all image, video and audio material can be distributed via internet or other media and can also be used or published for documentation or promotional purposes.


The use of cameras and recording equipment for commercial use is prohibited if the person is not commissioned by the organization.


Legal responsibility

We assume no responsibility for health and belongings; except for deliberate intention or gross negligence. No responsibility also for clothes and other items that may be carried.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Berlin. German law applies.